Dear Beautiful Soul,

409 E. Unaka

You found us! Shakti in the Mountains – the place where your creative energy and authentic self are nurtured and celebrated.

Here we offer respite from the fast-paced world. We all desire acceptance, love and understanding. You can find that here at Shakti in the Mountains. We provide a space for you to explore what is meaningful to you. We recognize the different ways people like to explore, so we offer a variety of classes, workshops and programs.

We offer activities that will grow and nurture you. We provide tools to increase joy and vitality in your life. You can find inspiration and connection in our vibrant Shakti community.

Our intention at Shakti in the Mountains is to foster healthy community. We want the women and men who visit us to know they are home. If you are ready to let go of old hurts and limiting beliefs, if you are ready to open your heart, if you are ready to write your own story, then you are ready to be a part of our loving and growing Shakti community.

We are a tribe of imperfect people who are creating a community where being real is encouraged, where having fun is expected and where love flourishes. Check out our events, pick one and then come visit us – we are waiting for you.


May3 Heartland Tour FLYER Shakti Mtns

Join facilitator Dawn Richerson and get Heart to Heart and Soul to Soul in this sacred conversation and experiential workshop Saturday, May 3rd.  Women Weaving the World will begin at 9:30 am, and move through several sessions including how we as women can weave our world again.  We’ll learn about our Essential Selves and our […]

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Lunch & Learn: Susan Lachmann May 5


Susan Lachmann joins us for our May Lunch & Learn:  Creating & Crafting Sustenance Even When the Well Runs Dry.  Having the experience of situational poverty and/or “dry spells” can actually increase the value and benefit of living with limits.  Susan shares strategies and techniques, perspectives and pragmatics of realizing  the richness everyday. What participants will gain:  inspiration, […]

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Free Community Garden Workshop: RESCHEDULED TO APRIL 17TH


RESCHEDULED TO APRIL 17TH. Thursday, April 17th, drop by Shakti in the Mountains for a free demonstration on how and why you sheet mulch. We’ll gather at the garden at 5:30.  Learn more about this easy but effective method of controlling weeds and for fertilizing your garden.  Got questions…call Mel at 423.341.5476 or email her […]

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intergenerational dinner

April 19th from 11:00 am-1:00 pm, we’ll host our second Grow Community Event.  The Intergenerational Dinner is your chance to break bread and celebrate with a woman in your family (of origin, or of choice) while sharing a family recipe with others in our community.  Please let Mel know if you’ll attend, who’s joining you, […]

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MAGDALENE CIRCLE: Next Meeting April 17th


  The Magdalene Circle will have its next meeting April 17th. This co-ed circle will meet monthly on the 3rd Thursday (after Twisted Stitchers).  Ian Allan will facilitate this once-monthly meeting  focused on accessing the wisdom of the Divine Feminine, with Mary Magdalene as the starting point.  He’ll begin with the gnostic gospels, and historic […]

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April 21st, join Rebekah Beneteau for Lunch & Learn: Desire as a Woman’s Path to Empowerment – an exploration of the nature of Pleasure. You’ll learn: Why women in particular have become divorced from our desire current The difference between identifying the desires of the mind vs. the desires that arise from the body The […]

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Artful Saturday’s Felted Soap Project: 4/26


APRIL 26th IS THE NEW DATE FOR THIS AWESOME ARTFUL SATURDAY FELTED SOAP WORKSHOP. What happens when you combine soap and hot water and wool?  ART! Make plans to come play with FELT!   Artful Saturday’s Felted Soap Project will feature Oreon Millard,  who’s teaching us how to make felted soap~ a practical, fabulous addition […]

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GODDESS COOKBOOK CLUB: Next meeting April 26th


Join us on the 4th Saturday of the month (April 26th) at 10:30 am for the Goddess Cookbook Club.  Each month we’ll explore goddesses, and can move into what moves you in the kitchen.  You’ll create a page of art, recipes and anything you want to add to make it your own.  For more information, […]

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  The Shakti Scouts have started work on their Art Appreciation Badge!  Our next meeting is April 24th at 6:30 pm where we will continue our exploration of art by making Artist Trade Cards.  Between meetings, Shakti Scouts work on badge components.  To learn more about what is involved, contact Oreon and ask to join […]

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